Dependabot Ignores


We use dependabot to notify us of regular library updates.

We hit a confusing edge case:

  1. Long ago, dependabot picked up major version updates for libraries.
  2. At the time we were not yet ready to update our code to work with these updates, so we used @dependabot ignore this major version, to keep getting minor version updates for the major version we were on. (For example, we were on quarkus 2.x and were not yet ready to move to quarkus 3.x)
  3. Dependabot advised that updating the library independently should clear the ignore, however, this doesn’t work as advertised, and dependabot no longer advertises this.


  1. Confirm dependencies are being ignored:
    • Open the dependabot logs by navigating: Insights -> Dependency Graph -> Dependabot -> Last checked ${timeframe}.
    • Look for “Ignored version” in the update log and note what dependencies are affected.
  2. Locate pull requests where the ignore(s) originated:
    • Use is:pr is:closed is:unmerged involves:dependabot as criteria.
  3. Comment @dependabot reopen on the closed pull request(s).
  4. Dependabot will reopen the pull request and clear the ignore. If the dependency has had subsequent releases, it’ll likely close the PR and open a fresh one.

We had an extra complication: we changed our branching strategy (changing our primary branch from develop to main, and dropping develop), and dependabot could not reopen the pull request because its target branch did not exist. So, we needed an extra step: recreate the old target branch temporarily.